Visit To Kalpataru Farm:- 12/12/2021

School Had organized a visit to Jaggaery making unit. It offers a Valuable social message about appreciating traditional industries & sustainable practices it highlighted the significance of supporting loacal business and the rural economy. The moto was about understanding & valuing the hard work behind our food products and encouraging community oriented consumptional habits

Outdoor Plantation on Occasion of Women’s Day at Swami Narayan Temple : – 8/03/2022

It conveys a powerful social message by engaging in this activity we promote environmental consciousness and contributes to the larger goal of preserving our planet for future generation.

Tree Plantation Activity had been taken on the hills near swami Narayan temple Narhe

Helmet’s Distribution:- 10/02/2022

Helmets were distributed to all the staff’s of the school it sends a strong social message about prioritizing safety and responsible behaviour. It underscore the importance of road safety and encourages a culture of precautionary measures.

Do Save Foundation’ Green Warriors on the Hills: Do Save Foundation’-Organized Garbage Collection Activity with school students”

In an effort to foster environmental awareness and instill a sense of responsibility among students, our school had organized a unique and impactful social activity—a garbage collection initiative on the picturesque hills surrounding our community. This endeavor aimed not only to beautify the natural landscape but also to educate students about the importance of environmental conservation.

“Empowering Futures: Free Summer Camp Initiative” 25/05/2022 to 31/05/2022

A School had Organised a Free summer camp for Local Students Living Near by the School Ultimately, the social message emanating from the free summer camp initiative is one of hope, equality, and collective responsibility. It urges us to recognize the potential within every child and the transformative power of education. As we embrace students from all walks of life, we cultivate an environment where dreams can flourish, and futures can be shaped without the constraints of financial barriers. Through this initiative, we affirm our dedication to nurturing a society where education is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.

Tree Plantation On Taljai Hills: 28/07/2022

In collaboration with pune municipal corporation, Our School had organized tree plantation on Taljai Hills

This initiative also echoes a message of community engagement and shared responsibility. The hills are not just a scenic backdrop but an integral part of our community’s ecosystem. By involving students, teachers, and local residents in the tree planting activity, we emphasize the idea that safeguarding our environment is a collective endeavor. The community becomes an active participant in the process of revitalizing and protecting the natural beauty that defines our surroundings.

Raksha-bandhan:- Rakhi’s for Military Brother’s 10/08/2022

On occasion of Rakshabandhan Rakhi’s were sent to Military Brother’s Made by our Students. By sending Rakhis to military personnel, students express their deep gratitude and respect for the dedicated service and sacrifices made by these individuals in safeguarding the nation. This act symbolizes an acknowledgment of the challenges faced by military brothers and sisters, and it serves as a reminder that their commitment to duty is appreciated and valued.

From Factory to Desk : 10/11/2022

The school’s visit to a rubber and paper file making factory communicates a social message centered around sustainability, vocational education, economic awareness, and the importance of responsible consumer choices. Through this experience, students are not only exposed to industrial processes but are also encouraged to reflect on the broader implications of their consumption patterns, fostering a more informed and socially responsible mindset.

Empowering Dignity: – Distribution of Sanitary Napkins to School Girls by RupaliTai Chakankar”:-05/12/2022

The distribution of sanitary napkins to school girls by RupaliTai Chakankar carries a powerful social message that revolves around menstrual hygiene, gender equality, and the importance of addressing the needs of young girls in their pursuit of education and personal well- being.

Spiritual Sojourn: Students’ Enlightening Visit to ISKCON Krishna Temple :- 30/12/2022

The School students visited to the ISKCON Temple. It conveys a social message centered on cultural awareness, religious tolerance, the promotion of spiritual values in education, and the importance of fostering an inclusive and harmonious community that appreciates and respects diverse perspectives.

Media Literacy and Civic Engagement: Unveiling the Social Fabric at Lokmat Newspaper Unit.”

The social message behind this activity could highlight the importance of understanding media, fostering critical thinking, and promoting civic engagement through insights gained during the visit to the Lokmat Newspaper unit. It emphasizes the role of journalism in shaping public awareness and encourages students to become informed and active participants in society.

Let’s Go to Mama’s Village: A social Initiative at Horizon School

Activity was carried out with enthusiasm in School premises. Under this imitative stall’s of various food items were setup in the courtyard of school ground. Various games were also organized for the children to play.

Colors of Unity: ‘Sakal’ Drawing Competition

the ‘Sakal’ Drawing Competition not only provides a creative outlet for students but also serves as a platform for promoting cultural integration, celebrating diversity, encouraging creative expression, fostering healthy competition, engaging the community, and inspiring art for social change. It symbolizes the vibrant tapestry of shared experiences that can be woven through artistic endeavors, bringing people together in the spirit of creativity and unity.

Safe Streets, Bright Futures: Traffic Awareness Program in School

The Traffic Awareness Program in the school serves as a catalyst for creating a safer, more responsible community by imparting essential road safety knowledge, instilling a sense of community responsibility, and encouraging behaviours that contribute to a culture of care on the streets.

Clear Vision, Bright Futures: Eye Check-Up by Dudhbhate Netrayalay in School” 02/02/2023

the eye check-up conducted by Dudhbhate Netrayalay in the school conveys a social message focused on health awareness, equal access to healthcare, educational support, preventative care, community well- being, and the broader importance of vision care in contributing to a healthier and more vibrant community.

Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti Street Play: Inspiring Leadership and Unity : 17/02/2023

The street play performed by school students on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti is likely to convey a multifaceted social message, promoting leadership values, cultural pride, unity, courage, social

justice, and the enduring relevance of historical lessons in shaping a better future for the community.

Jate mi Mahira’—International Women’s Day Celebration at Horizon School :- 08/03/2023

International Women’s Day celebration at Horizon School communicates a powerful social message of empowerment, equality, inclusivity, and respect. The initiative contributes to building a school culture that embraces and uplifts women, fostering an environment where every individual is encouraged to thrive and contribute positively to society.

Empowering Protectors : The Social Message of the Girls’ Self-Defense Workshop  08/03/2023

The Girls’ Self-Defence Workshop carries a robust social message, promoting confidence, empowerment, gender equality, community awareness, active participation, violence prevention, life skills, and a culture of support. It is a proactive step toward creating a safer and more empowered community for girls to thrive.

Breaking Chains, Building Lives: Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program Guided by PSI Kadbhane Sir

The drug and alcohol awareness program guided by PSI Kadbhane Sir communicates a multifaceted social message focusing on prevention, education, community collaboration, rehabilitation, support, law enforcement’s positive role, youth empowerment, breaking the cycle of addiction, and the promotion of mental health. It represents a united effort to address the complex challenges posed by substance abuse for the betterment of individuals and the community at large.

Ties of Gratitude: Horizon School Students’ Rakhi Initiative in Collaboration with Marshal Cadet Force for Indian Army Soldiers : 26/08/2023

The collaborative effort of Horizon School students and the Marshal Cadet Force in creating and sending Rakhis to Indian Army soldiers conveys a heartfelt social message of gratitude, solidarity, and recognition. It exemplifies the power of community engagement in acknowledging the contributions of the armed forces and fostering a sense of unity and appreciation within society.

Empowering Lifesavers: First Aid Training Workshop in Horizon School : 15/09/2023

The first aid kit training workshop in the school communicates a social message of empowerment, community resilience, civic responsibility, emergency preparedness, and the importance of a proactive and helpful community. By providing practical skills and knowledge, the initiative contributes to creating a safer and more responsive environment for all.

Unity in Action: ‘Ek Ghanta Shramadan’ on Gandhi Jayanti :  02/10/2023

‘Ek Ghanta Shramadan’ on Gandhi Jayanti communicates a powerful social message of active participation, unity, community ownership, environmental consciousness, and the embodiment of Gandhian values. The initiative serves as a reminder that positive change begins with small, collective actions within the community.