From the Principal's Desk


Teaching to me is

Teaching to me is what soul is to the body, sunshine is to the day ….
According to me, Teaching is …
Not merely making them do the right things, but to make them enjoy the right things.
Not merely help them to understand industriousness, but to make them love industry.
Not merely help them to be just , but to make hungry and thirsty for justice,

Teaching to me is like a tool with which I can weave the future of my students on the loom of time. So, it is imperative for me to cloth myself with compassion, kindness, humility and patience.

Teaching to me is not just teaching students but the ignited youth who are the most powerful resources on the earth, below and above the earth. As a teacher, the high performance and success of my students is my greatest achievement.

Teaching is not merely a profession to me, but a passion and I am very passionate about it. So, I teach them,

“Not merely as a machine, but like a friend,
Not only a subject, but the way of life.”

I understand that it is not only we who have expectations; but students too expect certain things from us. I can live up to their expectations by becoming a teacher, companion as well as a guide. I believe in the dictum: ‘Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement. “So, I always organize and conduct my life in such a way that my life itself is a message for my students.

Gandhiji has glorified a ‘Teacher’ as ‘the true text – book for the pupil and I constantly strive to make this ‘book’ more and more interesting.

Mrs. Sunita Jadhav